A couple of weeks ago, my nanny shared this video with me:

Totally danceable but it’s the lyrics that captivated me.  I immediately went to iTunes and bought it and then proceeded to make a playlist titled “Strong”.  Mostly, I just wanted to surround myself with the reminder that being brave is inspiring and not just a whole lot of heartache.  Though usually, it’s exactly both.

Then, this past week, there was this cartoon by David Hayward.

In this cartoon, you have the epitome of bravery.  Especially for women, being brave isn’t about storming a beach or running into a fire or patrolling a bad part of town.  I mean, yeah we do those things, but most of the time we are brave everyday just by being true to ourselves as women.  Speaking out for our own, standing up to a culture that devalues us constantly, and noticing those who need love most.  Women I know do this every single day and I love them for it.

But I’m not gonna lie to you and say that you won’t endure a lot of loss because of it.  You will.  I have.  My mother, sister, cousins,  friends, classmates and mentors have all endured loss because they chose to not stay silent in the face of racism, abuse, homophobia, and misogyny.  And when you’ve been tossed in the Hole of the Silenced, wondering how you managed to get down there and if you’ll ever get out, you will question if being brave was worth it.

It is.  Always.